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Meet the

Guest Speakers

Sahar Mansoor

Sahar Mansoor  is the founder and CEO of zero waste social enterprise Bare Necessities, an organisation aimed at confronting India’s mounting issue of waste. An entrepreneur, author and eco-educator she is paving the way for a greener India from the ground-up.

Lisa D’Mello

Lisa D’Mello is the founder and CEO of clean and ethical beauty brand Kal Hans Naturals based in Mumbai, India. After a harrowing accident in New York that left its physical and emotional scars Lisa was motivated to create a brand that cares for people, planet and animals.

Suki Dusanj

Suki started India’s chapter of Fashion Revolution to raise awareness about the conditions under which Indian wage labourers, artisans and makers manufacture clothing for fast fashion brands by endangering their lives.

Shikhar Agarwal

Whilst on an exchange programme in the Netherlands Shikhar first encountered the Extinction Rebellion movement in full force. An activist, speaker and writer he was motivated to start the India chapter to shed light how India is the first and worst affected by the ongoing climate crisis.

Former features editor at Vogue, speaker, writer and sustainability advocate Bandana Tewari’s work has focused on the provenance of what we wear. Her work illustrates the socio-political role of fashion and advocates for industry-wide change.

Sustainability advocate, writer

Varun Deshpande

As the MD at the Good Food Institute India Varun works to support the alt-protein sector in India by fostering innovation. Their goal is to feed a growing population sustainably, ethically whilst fighting malnutrition

Managing Director, Good Food Institute India

Kathy and Jessamijn

Kathy and Jessamijn founded Ecofemme in Auroville a decade ago to create environmental and social change through revitalising menstrual practices that are healthy, sustainable and culturally responsive. Their reusable products aim to tackle waste and educational programmes fight to end taboo and period poverty.

Isaias Hernandez

Eco-educator and digital creator Isaias Hernandez talks about how sustainability as women’s work has come to be cognitively linked and what we can do to bridge the eco-gender gap. Caring for the planet is not “unmanly” and needs to be scrutinised.

Sana Powell

Sana is a Licensed Professional Counsellor and digital creator working to decolonise therapy. In this episode we discuss how looking after our mental health and tackling issues of anxiety and depression are central to not just our wellbeing but also our activism. 

LPC/Therapist and digital creator at Curly Therapist 

Payal Khandwala

A student of fine art and now a fashion designer and entrepreneur Payal Khandwala’s clothes emphasise function, form, colour, tradition and Indian heritage. 

Andrew Ive

Andrew Ive, CEO and Managing Director of venture capital fund and accelerator Big Idea Ventures talks about investing in food tech, alt-protein and food innovation in Singapore.

Matias Echanove & Rahul Srivastava

Urban planner Echanove and anthropologist Srivastava are the cofounders of Urbz, an experimental action and research collective specialised in participatory design and planning. In this episode they  talk about how user-generated cities are the key to building green cities.

Cofounders, Urbz

Sonali Prasad is a journalist and climate storyteller using different platforms such as video, data, text, audio, art and installations to communicate the climate crisis.

Climate storyteller

Aditi Mayer is a labour rights activist, fashion blogger, writer and speaker on all things fashion and justice. Her work focuses on highlighting how fashion closely intersects with race, gender and class.

Labour rights activist and ethical fashion blogger 

Rahul Nainani

Rahul Nainani is the founder of a resource recovery startup called RaddiConnect that works with multiple stakeholders such as the government, brands, informal sector and consumers to divert waste away from landfills.

Founder at RaddiConnect

Mihir Sharma

Indian economist, columnist at Bloomberg Opinion and Business Standard India  and Senior Research Fellow at Observer Research Foundation Mihir Sharma talks about a green growth trajectory for the Indian economy.

David Belo

Chocolate maker David Belo has an extensive background in pastry, mixology and bread from his time spent in the culinary landscape of London. As the founder of Naviluna based in Mysore he has tapped into India’s cocoa industry to change the opaque industry of chocolate.

Sasha and Kaabia Grewal

The Grewal sisters founded Outhouse Jewellery to tap into a market between wedding opulence and everyday wear. Their ethos focuses on handcrafted, sustainable and artisan made jewellery in India.

Co-founders, Outhouse Jewellery

Isha is a content creator, writer and web developer working with social impact brands to build their online presence.

She also trains grassroots communities and youth on digital storytelling and online advocacy.

Ashish Birulee

Ashish is an activist and photojournalist from Jharkhand.

He is the co-founder of Adivasi Lives Matter and Fridays for Future Jharkhand.

He writes about the culture and struggles of his Ho Adivasi community.

Olivia Owen

Olivia Owen is the founding member and the business development and partnerships manager of IFundWomen of Color a go-to marketplace for women-owned businesses and the people who want to fund them.

Ynzo van Zanten

Tony’s is a company that sells commercially successful 100% slave-free chocolate across the world. What started off as an investigative enquiry by Dutch journalist Tony van de Keuken into modern day slavery in chocolate supply chains has now turned into a company at the forefront of this battle.

Lauren Ornelas

Lauren Ornelas is the founder and director of FEP a food justice nonprofit working at the intersection of veganism, farm and produce worker rights and accessibility, nutrition and health.

Ayushi Trivedi

Trivedi’s research at the WRI, Washington DC has focused on women’s role in natural resource management and gender and social equity as a solution to improved sustainability and promoting inclusive and equitable climate action.

Gender + Social Equity Research Analyst, World Resources Institute 

Sarah Edwards

Edwards is certified Health and Nutrition Coach and the founder of Copper and Cloves, a resource hub for sustainable eating and now a fully-fledged cafe in Bangalore, India. This episode examines how wellness is inextricably linked to sustainable living.

Nutrition Coach and founder of Copper & Cloves

Dr. Vandana Shiva

Dr. Shiva is a veteran environmental activist, physicist, ecologist and author whose contribution to the field of environmentalism from agro-ecology to eco-feminism has been seminal.

Founder- Navdanya, environmental activist

Harish Hande

Hande is the founder and CEO of SELCO, an enterprise in Bangalore that designs decentralised, replicable models for clean access to energy keeping grassroots communities in mind.

Vidya Viswanathan

This program has created a network of grassroots legal professionals who research questions regarding environmental law implementation and citizens’ empowerment by participating in the process of resolving environmental non-compliance.

Director of Environmental Justice Program at the Centre for Policy Research-Namati. 

Amplify has had some stellar guests on the show over the last 3 seasons. Read more about them and their work.

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