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After spending her formative years studying and working in London, Sanchi moved back home to India in 2019 to reconnect with her roots.

Faced with the essential question of what one can do with what they’ve studied she spent time travelling around India acquainting herself to her home after spending a decade away.

She studied public policy at University College London and has worked in policy research, data analysis and digital marketing for various startups.

She now spends her time podcasting, protesting, writing and growing Amplify. 






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Amplifying the intersectional voices of climate action.

Sustainability is ancestral knowledge that belongs to Black, Brown and Indigenous communities who have relied upon and taken care of the land, soil and water around them.

Every week, Sanchi interviews a new guest with the goal to amplify the philosophy,  knowledge, practices, issues and solutions in the Global South.

This is a very accessible podcast that talks about a lot of different aspects of the eco movement and how these issues impact different people from different backgrounds.I recommend anyone who is on their own journey of better educating themselves about the environment and also about environmental racism to give it a listen.

Rita Moreira

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Meet Amplify's Guest Speakers

About Amplify

Being green is the new black. Sustainability is a buzzword.

When we think sustainability, we think eco-approved habits of going vegan, being flight-free, recycling, thrifting and installing smart meters at homes to measure household consumption of water or energy.

But it's so much more than that.

Amplify is a means to unlearn and enact change.

The goal of the podcast is to illustrate that living sustainably is rooted in climate and environmental justice. It goes beyond individual actions of recycling to holding the systems we live in to account. It goes beyond simply making “green” swaps to understanding the interconnectedness of issues of food, water, migration, race, caste, gender, class to the ecological breakdown we are currently experiencing. 

Highlighting solutions and innovations pioneered by the first and worst affected: the Global South.

Amplify aspires to reclaim sustainability as an isolated activity performed by the privileged few and mainstream it as a way of life rooted in grassroots perspectives, community living and collective action. 

From economist Mihir Sharma at Observer Research Foundation talking about what green growth and green transitions look like in India’s future to photojournalist, activist and founder of Adivasi Lives Matter Ashish Birulee outlining his vision for an environmentally just future, from Ynzo van Zanten of Tony’s Chocolonely talking about what their company is doing to fight modern day slavery in cocoa supply chains to Lauren Ornelas of Food Empowerment Project offering her vision for collective food justice, the podcast aims to highlight issues, tensions and convergences within the climate action space.

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