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In conversation with Tori Tsui, climate justice activist and author of It's Not Just You: Navigating Eco-Anxiety

This is a great podcast — we finally have an Indian narrative in the worldwide sustainability dialogue and I’m so glad that the focus is on just that and issues around that with human interest angles. Kudos!


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Meet your host, Sanchi Singh

Endlessly curious about the intersectionality of climate and environmental justice, Sanchi started Amplify to talk about sustainability beyond individual actions.

She strongly believes that sustainability is rooted in systems thinking and led by community action and uses this platform to amplify important sustainability warriors in the Global South.

Stories on climate justice &

equity on Amplify's Journal

Sustainability beyond swaps, one eye-opening conversation at a time

This is Amplify, a podcast and platform to highlight climate solutions and the people who make this happen.

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